Keep Calm And Be Patient!

Hello again! It has been a little while since my last post. I think it’s because I have been at a loss for words during this particular season of our faith journey. I feel like everything is happening in slow motion. This is definitely not an easy process, but all I have to hold on to at this point is the vision and calling God has placed on me and my family. I have come to the realization that even though it may feel like everything is happening at a slow pace, everything is being perfectly orchestrated in God’s timing. You see, I thought that as soon as we announced, everything would move at lightening speed! I thought donations would pour in, Paperwork would be processed faster, ¬†and we would magically find someone perfect to rent out our house while we are gone. However, I am reminded to embrace the PROCESS. Moving to Sydney takes time. All the fundraising and paperwork it entails takes time. I am reminded that God’s timing is so much better than mine! God is definitely taking this time to teach me how to be patient and trust Him. I’ve always been impatient, and I like to have a plan and be in control, so this is not an easy lesson to learn. But I know that when I reach the next chapter of this adventure, I will be a stronger person because of it.

Here are some updates/praise reports:

Update: Just filled out all the paperwork for our passports! Now we play the waiting game for the next 3-4 weeks. Once I get my passport, I can send all its information to admissions at Hillsong College, and then we apply for our visas and purchase plane tickets!

Praise Report: Because of how much money we have raised and how much we have received from those who have donated thus far, I was able to purchase a new Macbook Pro! I have been able to finally start learning how to use MainStage! I now feel a peace of mind because I will be more prepared when I get there. Thank you again!

Needs/Prayer Requests:

Needs: Once my passport info is processed, we are moving forward with visas and plane tickets. Just to give you an idea, here are the numbers for everything: My student visa- $550/ Adam’s work visa- $380/ Plane tickets for the 3 of us- $2000. If you feel led to give, I would encourage you to do it sooner than later. We plan on having everything purchased no later than December. Reason being because plane ticket prices will begin to skyrocket by 2017. We want to get the best deal possible. Remember, every little bit helps! If you have any questions about giving, feel free to contact Adam or myself.

Prayer Requests:

Our Visas– I know I mentioned this in the first blog post, but I am asking that you pray for the application process of our visas. I know that I won’t have a problem, but Adam might. We are still trying to figure out if he needs a work visa or a tourist visa since he will most likely be working from home for an American company. So please pray that everything works out for us in that regard.

Our Future Tenant– Be in prayer that God brings us the right people to rent out our house. Not only do we want someone reliable and responsible, but we want godly people renting our home.

Our Fundraising Process– If you decide to give or not, most importantly, we want your prayers as we continue to raise money for our journey to Sydney! We believe that prayer is powerful and effective, so if you think of us, pray for us!

Thanks for reading! The best is yet to come!!!!