For Your Glory

Hey guys,

Just wanted to give you all an update on our progress and just life in general. Let’s start with life. It has not been easy for our little family. We have basically been in and out of being sick since September, and as of right now, we are car-less. That’s right. We lost BOTH our cars in less than 2 weeks. As awful as that sounds, I must confess to you all that I am not as frazzled as I thought I would be, and I think that’s because of one thing. The common denominator through this tough season of life has been joy. I have come to realize that trials are a lot easier to endure when I simply choose joy and contentment. Also, God HONORS those who choose joy and choose to glorify Him! I’ve seen this firsthand.

About 2 weeks ago, I started coming down with strep throat. I started getting sick the same night I had to serve on worship team for 1st Wednesday. As much as I wanted to huff and puff and cry, I pulled into the parking lot, lifted my hands and said, “God, as much as this sucks, I’m going to praise You through it all. Let Your name be magnified through my struggles!”. That week wasn’t easy, but it was the shortest strep throat Iv’e ever had AND someone gave a VERY generous contribution towards our hillsong college fund.

It’s funny how God’s faithfulness has been constant for thousands of years, yet I’m still in awe every single time He shows His faithfulness in my life. So for me, I’m at the point to whenever adversity hits our family like a freight train, I almost get excited because I know that God is about to move in a big way. Wether it’s God providing for us specifically, or God using our story to strengthen and encourage someone, in the end, He gets the credit. He is glorified. Whenever we have something good or bad happen to us, if we ask God “why?”, He always has the same answer. FOR. MY. GLORY. That’s right. God can take even the ugliest parts of our lives, and turn it into something amazing that always points those watching right back to HIM. I want to challenge those of you reading, to put every single situation(yes, even the bad ones) in His hands, and just choose joy. Choose to glorify Him in every aspect of your life and He will honor that.

Now for our Hillsong College Update:

For those of you who don’t know, I received an email about a month ago from Hillsong’s administration. They told me that in order to continue with the processing of my application, they need to see that we have ALL of our funding up front. So, I’m not gonna lie, we are scrambling a little bit. Ideally, we want to leave in June 2017, but if we don’t have all the funds by then, the we plan on postponing our departure date to December 2017. So far, we have 11% raised. We want to say “THANK YOU!!” ┬áto those who have come alongside us and supported our dream financially. We are beyond grateful for your generosity. We still have a ways to go, but we are off to a great start! Keep praying for us. Your prayers are so appreciated and they mean more than you know. We are so blessed by all of you following this journey. Stay tuned, folks!

Grace and Peace,